Echoes of the Past

The Ape & Dog

4th Session

Having witnessed the murder in the Vulgar Unicorn, the The Spinning Copper Gang decided to look elsewhere for information.

After some discussion they decided to head out and visit the bar next to the burnt out building that they had met Mollan Thursk in. The goal was to find out more information about this man and our previous dealings with him. The Ape & Dog is located in a rough part of town known as the Shambles.

After settling an old bar tab with Meezer, we hung out and tried to get a feel for the place. We were eventually approached by a smooth-talking man who called himself Flip. After a bunch of small talk where he pumped us for information, he eventually resorted to making threats. He told us to leave the Ape & Dog and to never return.

We later met up with Meezer and pumped him for information. During this time, Articulus Manipulus let slip that we had been magicked and that our memories are wiped. That increases the number of people to know about our condition to 3. Mollan Thursk, Tismith, and now Meezer. Art also cast Influence on Meezer in order to make him more cooperative with us. It is unknown how Meezer will respond to having been magicked by Art. During this time he revealed that the burnt out building was his and that he had rented it out to Tismith for us to meet a client in. Tismith was not the one who rented the building, so it is unknown who did so and who looked like him.

The The Spinning Copper Gang then returned to Tismith, where he drugged them in order to determine the extent of the damage.



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