Echoes of the Past

Welcome to Echo's of the past.

Here is your characters Adventure log.

The Party was visited by a ***Unknown*** character. This character, mentioned that the group had something for him. Using great magic he was able to locate it and retrieve it from the party. The strange figure then used some form of magic to wipe the party minds.

One of the things that was over heard was him saying “You have no Idea how much you have set me back, so now I have set you back.” With that a strange wave of dizziness washed over the group.

The ***Unknown*** character then departs the small building and, the party then rushes for the door however it closes, and appears to be inoperable despite the best efforts of Roland the Red.

A fire erupts on the outside of the building and the Gang is forced to escape though the roof. However once outside a odd pair of men with three thick vertical blue lines under their bottom lips, attempt to finish what the fire started. In the fight Garack Thronson takes a hit to the foot with a club, shattering his big toe. This blow does not go unanswered and he disables the man eventually slitting his throat. The other man runs away injured greatly.

During the fight one of the men state " It’s nothing personal, just business" to the Gang.



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