Roland the Red

Portly Cleric of Azyuna


This portly son of a Sanctuary smuggler and thief has spent his entire life living in this rotten cesspool of a city. Roland grew up learning how to step lightly and hit hard on the streets of Sanctuary. As a teenager, it was his job to guard the escape routes whilst his father and brother negotiated any sales of their stolen properties. More than once Roland had to pull out his daggers and come in from the shadows to eliminate any trouble. The family became good enough at planning their heists and sales that they eventually began to contract themselves out to the merchants and noble houses to obtain specific items.

After stealing a valuable piece of artwork from a noble house, Roland and his male relatives were set-up for a trap. The house that they stole from wanted revenge on them and used a merchant guild to hire the band of thieves. The job they were hired for was a trap and all three of them were captured. The three men were tied up and taken by a rowboat out into the harbour. The three were then thrown overboard still bound in their ropes. It was at this point that Roland began to pray to any god who would listen to save him and his family. Unfortunately for Roland, the only god who was paying attention was the bitch queen, Azyuna. As he prayed he heard a soft female voice in his head, saying “If you want revenge on those who did this to you, you know who to ask. Say my name and you’ll have your revenge. Say it. Say Azyuna. Pray to me and I’ll fulfill your revenge.” Desperate and dying, Roland gurgled out Azyuna and a black dagger appeared in his hand. This allowed him to cut his ropes and those of his father and brother, allowing the three of them to swim to the surface. Ever since this time, Roland has had a deathly fear of drowning and refuses to go on any ship where he cannot easily swim to land.

As a result of his prayers, Roland gave his soul up to that bitch Azyuna and has served her ever since. He and his male relatives had their appearances changed by Azyuna in order to hide the fact that they survived.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, Azyuna was working with both sides of this dispute. It was she who gave the noble house the information about Roland and his family. She had felt that Roland would make an excellent servant to her and she orchestrated the entire thing to obtain his soul.

In order to obtain his spells each night, Azyuna enters Roland dreams. Each night the dream is the same. Roland is forced into Jasmine’s body and has to endure the rape and murder each night. The only difference being that instead of it being whoever committed the rape, it is those whom Roland feels are his arch-enemies. Each of these foes has their turn with Jasmine’s body and taunts Roland the entire time. Roland is forced to feel everything that Jasmine felt time and time again as these foes use her. When Roland finally breaks down and pleads with Azyuna for revenge upon these evil bastards, then he receives his spells. Each time this happens, Roland believes he is seeing the evil bastards who raped and murdered his beloved older sister. As such he swears revenge on them and plans their deaths.

Roland’s list of people who need to die: ***Unknown***, *Unknown Murderer*, the man who murdered his beloved sister Jasmine.

Roland the Red

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