Echoes of the Past

After Care

So you are out of the Fire and into the frying pan!

Every log will begin with the experience and honour from the last session.

Since the first session was not lengthly your honour and experience will be rolled into this session.

The sight of the fire has been noted on the Map of the town.*

So you have gotten away from the fire….

They wandered aimless, eventually arriving at the Tismith’s shop. Here they had a strange encounter with the shop owner. Tismith’ noted to the group that they were Magic(ed) and led them to their home beneath the shop.

After taking stock of our situation and cleaning up a bit, we decided to question Tismith about what he knew about us. He has kept his nose out of our dealings and did not know a lot about us. He did remember our initial meeting with ***Unknown***, and told us that was approximately a year and a half ago. He also told us that we normally went to the Vulgar Unicorn.

We decided that since this was once our normal stomping grounds, we would go there to see if we could find out any information about who we were. On the way there, we spotted a shadowy figure following us from spot to spot. Aurex tried to loop around and follow him, but lost him as he went around a corner.

When we arrived at the Vulgar Unicorn, the mood inside was very dreary. A group of 3 ruffians occupied the central table and were obviously waiting for someone. A beautiful lady occupied one corner and was having a meal by herself. A young bullyboy had a table by himself on the second floor. He was armed with a shortsword and a collection of daggers. He was 5’9" and about 180 lbs. He was good looking. Seated below the bullyboy in a corner by himself was a sad man with an old, worn cloak of ??? design.

Articulus Manipulus tried to liven the bar up by buying rounds for everyone and the only one who accepted was the bullyboy. Aurex was on the lookout for our shadow and was going to the windows and the front door to try and spot him. [[:roland-10 | Roland the Red]] sat in the corner and observed the reactions of the room.

On her way back from the door, Aurex tripped over one of the ruffians and spilled her beer over his head. This started a one on one bar fight. Roland the Red went over to make sure the other 2 ruffians didn’t join in. After a bit, the other 2 ruffians pulled their friend back and told him it wasn’t worth it. As they broke off, Aurex kicked the 1st ruffian in the balls. At this point he drew his dagger and tried to kill Aurex. A couple of swipes later, the other 2 ruffians once again talked their friend out of the fight. Aurex bought them drinks for the rest of the night.

At some point during this altercation, the bullyboy upstairs disappeared.

Shortly after this, the lady walked out the door. The ruffians left shortly thereafter without having met the person they were waiting for. This left the [[The Spinning Copper Gang | The Spinning Copper Gang]] with the lone sad man in the corner.

[[:articulus-manipulus | Articulus Manipulus]]
tried to engage the man in conversation and learned that he had lost everything on a ship that disappeared. His creditors took everything he owned and left him broke. [[:roland-10 | Roland the Red]] attempted to recruit him to the worship of Azyuna, but failed. While this was happening, [[:articulus-manipulus | Articulus Manipulus]] went to the bar to get more drinks. As he approached the bar, the front door blew open and knocked a lantern onto the ground. As the lights went out, we scrambled to get out of the way of any incoming danger. It is a good thing we did as the sad man was murdered during this time. His mouth was covered in a wet, sticky jelly that prevented him from making a sound and his throat was slit. Aurex was swinging wildly with her dagger and cut the sad man down from behind while his throat was being slit from the front. When [[:pegrin-the-ugly-1 | Pegrin the Ugly]] returned with the lantern, whoever did this crime had disappeared. Pegrin is convinced that we killed the sad man. A few clues were left from the killing. Wet footprints were on the floor near the table, as if someone had jumped from the second floor. After killing the man, the footprints disappeared. Also, the sad man held up a note to Articulus Manipulus. The note said, “It is by the act of no blade or malice of man that I die this terrible death.”

We left before Pegrin could call the guards on us.

Upon returning home, we were greeted by Hoba(Rob’s character). He told us that he narrowly escaped the fire and that Garack Thronson had been arrested.



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